To Blog or Not to Blog?

Posted on: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Image via decor pad

Hmm...blogging. Being technologically savvy has never really been "my thing". However, forced to learn how to navigate this new terrain by creating a blog at work, it seems it may be time for me to try this whole thing out for myself.
Having grown up in Connecticut I certainly have preppy roots. Nevertheless, I feel that my style has evolved and become more dynamic over the years. I no longer feel limited to seersucker, ribbon belts, damask and toile. Don't get me wrong I still love these things but there is just so much more out there!
I hope to use this blog as a bit of a creative release. Highlighting things I love and lust for, as well as the progression and evolution of my own design and style preferences.


Jen Reinhardt said...

I love your introduction!! I'm looking forward to all of your fabulous fashion and decorating advice!!

Slane said...

Love the new blog...took me long enough to check it out but it rocks! Good work c! I need more outfit ideas on a pauper's budget. Thanks love!

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