Instant Art!

Posted on: Thursday, November 19, 2009

Being single and living on a budget lends itself to appreciating fine art not buying it!  I wanted a pop of color on my kitchen wall and I needed it cheap so I took it upon myself to create the above painting.  I am not an artist so I kept it simple, going with clean lines and a geometric look.  I didn't exactly want the piece to look like an imitation (think Rothko) so I decided on a simple "box" pattern.  All of my materials were purchased at a local Michaels for a great price.  I used blue painters tape to measure out my rectangles, and selected colors that would complement the room. I had a happy accident when I decided to streak the brown paint with the brush I was using. It created a wood grain effect that I really like.  As you can see below, the process was pretty painless. I left the tape on for a bit then peeled it off before the paint was dry to reveal the clean, white lines. All that was left was to hang the "art" and enjoy. 


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