Posted on: Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Exposed at Work!

Before I started this blog I did not as readily admit my love for fashion and interior design. This is because I was totally embarrassed by it! Here's the back story. We have a new Head of Lower School this year. In an opening meeting he passed out a "get to know you" type sheet where you listed your interests etc. I took this at face value and put down "I played lacrosse in college and I love fashion and interior design". Totally safe right? Wrong. Little did I know the intention was to take this information and use it to create a morning trivia game (get to know your teacher type thing) to be displayed on the lobby TV to all the children. Now, had I known this I would have had a better game plan. I would have listed my interests to be more along the lines of "Reading historical novels inbetween my time spent at local soup kitchens and tutoring at-risk youth". But no, instead I come off looking shallow and materialistic. I might as well have said that I really like "shiny things". Brutal.


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