Seeing Orange!

Posted on: Friday, November 20, 2009

I simply adore this rug! I randomly saw a picture of it in an MLS listing my friend forwarded to me. She knows I love design and this particular listing was exciting because it was the home of a local interior designer. I swooned when I saw this rug used in a nursery! I figured it was a major designer find and I would never see it again (let alone be able to afford it)! You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it at IKEA! Priced at $299 it is totally affordable. I love the round shape and can imagine it in a room paired with sky blue walls and crisp white furniture. Sadly, my apartment is a one bedroom and I have nowhere to put it. Would it be totally crazy to buy it and store it away until I have the space? Regardless, I love IKEA.
I try to mix high end pieces with affordable ones in my interior design efforts (the same principle holds true for my wardrobe). IKEA is a great place for well priced finds. Before my big move to Baltimore I was there all the time! My brother finally had enough and told me he was going to "IKEA himself" if he ever had to go back there again! He does have a point. The store is an absolute labyrinth. Once inside, you're committed. It's harder to find an exit in an IKEA than in a Casino! So ladies, perhaps leave the boys at home for your browsing trips.

P.S. This rug reminds me of my orange baroque salad plates from Poettery Barn! Don't they just scream autumn?!


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