Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff

Posted on: Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff Has Brought Her A Game to the World of Handbags

At 28 years of age Rebecca Minkoff has had serious impact on the world of fashion with her designer line of handbags. Her entree into the game came when she was asked by Jenna Elfman to create a bag for her next movie. Consequently, the Morning After bag was born and quickly became a cult favorite! I have lusted over the MAB forever, but for some reason it just does not look right on me. Not to worry, Rebecca has come out with oodles of amazing bags to choose from over the years. Her design style is so fresh and unique. I truly envy her creative talent. From classic to edgy she has the market cornered.

Now, Rebeccas's awesome and all, but let us not lose sight of what this blog is really about: me. I teach, make little to no money, rent an apartment, workout sporadically, and frequent dive bars in stellar ensembles. So seriously, watch out Rebecca. I'm hot on your trail and on my way to the top! Oh, I'm also a year younger than you.

Her photographs are always gorgeous! I could frame her adds!

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I finally settled on the clutch (pictured above on the left with the strap attached).
I love that there is a removable strap, it provides so much versatility!

Prices can get a bit steep. Why not look for her bags on Ebay? Just be sure to ask the seller questions and only bid if you are comfortable that it is indeed a RMB!


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