How to wear IKAT Print

Posted on: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In this look the ikat print takes center stage. If you're comfortable with it, then go bold and let the print be your main statement. Then draw on subtle accessories to complement the busy pattern (rather than compete with it). I love this look and can see myself with the grey suede bag slung across my chest as I romp around for the day. Comfy yet chic.

My obsession: The Michael Kors Tortoise Jet Set Watch! My sister discovered this piece and I quickly copied her. This watch is fabulous! It looks supper classy and is actually affordable. I love wearing a watch with a huge face. It makes me feel tough. I get tons of compliments on it from men and women alike.
"It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up" -Ferris Bueller

If you're not quite ready to work such a bold pattern why not use an ikat print as an accessory? I love the look below. The ikat vest is to die for. I have paired it with a striped dress but you could easily tone it down and use it with a solid. This is more of a spring or summer look but I just had to use it. I love the light airy feeling of the dress paired with the heavy Frye boots. I also think the thick snake wrap bracelet holds up to the weight of the boots. The flower earings are a bit more dainty and work well with the light cotton fabric of the dress. I would totally rock this... would you?
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More to come soon on ikat accessoreis and furniture!


Olivia Nold Korpi said...

The thing that I LOVE about Ikat is the taste of culture it adds to an outfit. When you ware it, it simply shows a hand quality that is rarely found these days in our fashion. It is beautiful in its irregularity and can spice up any outfit with chic anthropological colors and patterns!

Chic Geek said...

As usual you are spot on dahling!

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