Save Those Lilly Dresses!!

Posted on: Monday, December 21, 2009

Who doesn't love Lilly? These iconic dresses are so adorable! As I have gotten older Lilly has become less and less a part of my wardrobe. However, there is always that occasion where Lilly is perfect! For little girls its just about the cutest look in the world. Unfortunately, the style doesn't come cheap. One way to justify this purchase to yourself is to SAVE all your dresses, shirts, and shorts. As your daughter grows you can gather them and turn them into an AMAZING keepsake. By cutting up all of the fabric into squares you have the makings of a fabulous quilt! Can you imagine if your mother had done this for you? I'm sure you would have memories of wearing the dresses to various events and occasions. I would have loved to tote a quilt filled with my childhood memories off to my dorm freshman year! If you're not big into sewing you can easily outsource this project.
Conversely, you can use this idea for boys. What about a quilt filled with your son's favorite t-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, soccer team jerseys etc.? In the end its the memory that counts, not the label.


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