My Feature Wall

Posted on: Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Teamwork makes the Dreamwork"

I have been obsessing over creating a feature wall and this weekend my dream was finally realized! Step one: know your own strengths and weaknesses. Sure I can envision exactly what I want, however putting the plan into practice...not so much. So I had to call in some reinforcements. Thankfully, my friend K and her very tall, very capable boyfriend agreed to come over and help me paint. Here is the wall before we got started (and by we I mean they)

Totally bare and boring if you ask me. So we needed to measure the wall and tape off stripes. We went with an 8 inch width. I think it worked out nicely.

K and S hard at work.
Equipped with a 6 foot level and S's pterodactyl-like wing span. They had things under control. I decided to text everyone I know to announce the fact that "I" was painting a feature wall. Then I proceeded to take pictures of them working...and they're still friends with me?

Here we are all set and ready to paint! They did such and amazing job. I was so excited to begin...

A little too excited. My first contribution to the project was to paint a small area and step back to admire my work which led me to inadvertently kick over the entire paint can that was behind me. Comedic relief at its best. What a disaster! There was blue paint EVERYWHERE! Luckily we got it all off the floor! After a few minutes filled with fits of laughter and a few expletives we were able to get back to work.

All finished and waiting for the paint to dry! I could hardly contain myself!

The finished product! A very special thanks to K and S! Absolutely the best friends a girl could have!

The color is a bit bold but I decided to go for it! Thoughts?

Note to self: Begin saving money now so that you can hire professional painters when you buy a home. K and S have done their share and are subsequently "off the hook" when it comes to future painting endeavors.


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