Posted on: Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For me, fashion and interior design are inextricably linked.  I'm interested in both, and often find similarities between the pieces I'm drawn to.  I think the above images demonstrate how the two imitate and influence one another.  It feels almost chicken or egg... which came first? Wear the room or design the space using sartorial inspiration? Aside from the obvious color palette and print similarities what do you see?
For me, the structured cropped leather jacket translates directly to the sink. Silver buttons and zippers are found in the fixtures and legs. The structure of the jacket translates to the clean lines, and the cropped peekaboo skin is represented by the open area under the sink.
The billowing playful lines in the full skirt is mimicked by the  bathroom's sconces.
The second jacket layered seamlessly over the leather cropped moto compliments the ensemble without competing. I would say the same about the gold accents in the mirror, and frames.
As for the shoes, neutral pumps provide the finishing touch.  Artwork does just the same in the design of the bathroom. It finishes the look, and blends into the walls without losing it's own identity and impact.
Did I miss anything? What are your thoughts? Did I loose you?

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Leslie said...

I think the two are definitely intertwined! I love design a little bit more, maybe because it's a bit easier to do for me!

Taylor said...

great room --> outfit. I love that skirt and that wall paper!

Annie said...

So true! The two do seem linked, and it's curious which acts as catalyst to the other.

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