Special Thanks to KAG

Posted on: Monday, September 13, 2010

So excited that KAG of Monograms & Martinis asked me to style a few looks for her upcoming engagement photos. Her style is super classy, preppy, and refined. I asked her for a few hints on her comfort level (boots versus flats) and got to work.
In this look I wanted classic, affordable pieces. Each dress is under $100! The navy dress feels very nautical to me which pays homage to Nantucket where KAG got engaged!
The second dress adds a punch of color which is so important in photos. I like the clean silhouette and love the visual interest of the soft ruffles. I recommended she add a thin belt to really define the waist.
The last look is a bit of a gamble but I love to push the envelope just a little! I love how the animal print is set against an extremely conservative cut.
This second look screams fall in New England to me. It's relaxed, yet preppy, and classic. I can totally see KAG and MMB strolling down the cobblestone streets of Boston in their photos. KAG would sport the above, while MMB would clearly don some Castaway duds!
Lastly I wanted to add a little drama (while not going completely over the top). I recommend hair pulled back in a soft bun, red lips, and blue mascara. I'm obsessed with my blue YSL mascara and think it makes the eyes pop. The monotone colors of the outfit allows the focus to be on KAG! I think this look would be perfect shot first in color but then in black and white! The stripes on the shirt and the squiggle on the sweater add interest, but the subject gets to steal the spotlight.

Best Wishes to KAG and MMB as they plan their big day! Follow KAG along the way over on her awesome blog, Monograms and Martinis.



Fran said...

I'm all over that 'lazy sunday w/hubby' outfit!! LOVE it! You're so good at this!

Clare Lennon said...

LOVE The "lazy sunday" outfit as well. Jeans and button-downs are the best.

KAG said...

LOVE the looks, thanks again! xoxo KAG

CAC muffin said...

i just found your blog via KAG! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyndsy said...

Really cute! I especially love the lazy sunday with the hubby look. Too cute!

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