Oriental Rugs in the Kitchen

Posted on: Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why didn't I think of this?
I came across a post via apartment therapy that highlighted the use of oriental rugs in kitchens. I absolutely love the look and think it adds warmth to each space pictured. There's something about kitchens that automatically reads sterile to me. The rugs instantly create a lived-in feel. They also are the perfect camouflage for those unavoidable spills.

Check out the entire article here.


Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I adore Oriental rugs in kitchens! My parents have them in their kitchen over their hardwood floors and it looks fabulous! Look forward to following you!

Fran said...

Love this look and I completely agree w/oriental rugs adding warmth...that first photo is amazing!

Glitterista said...

I do love this look! My parents put down a rug as my mom was hoping to rehab the wood floors in the kitchen and they liked the look so much it's still there three years later. :)

Buckhead Belle said...

I would have never thought of that, but I love it!

Chic Coles said...

Very warm and inviting addition to the space.Also so much more pleasant to walk on.

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