This is laughable...but I love it.

Posted on: Monday, August 23, 2010

During my recent vacation to the outer banks I discovered two very important things about myself: I am ridiculously good at ping pong, and I absolutely love Golden Oreos. I've been wondering how and when I'll be able to to display my ping pong talents? When I came across this spread on Martha Stewart my jaw dropped. I totally should have been invited to this shindig! Kevin Sharkey christened his NYC apartment with this over-the-top housewarming. Above the bar is stocked, and guests enjoy playing ping-pong while donning black tie attire.

Please take note of the monogrammed paddle above.
Score was kept "casually" on the mirrored wall with none other than...
Chanel lipstick!
Guests indulged in this Oreo tower topped with sparklers!
(Should have been Golden Oreo's but hey, no one asked me.)
Above Kevin hangs out with Martha's daughter, Alexis Stewart.
Check out the entire spread here. The bathtub is referred to as an "inventive ice bucket" but seriously, who hasn't gone to a party where there wasn't beer in the bathtub?


Anonymous said...

this is literally the most incredible thing ive ever seen. you have to come show off at my black tie beruit tournament im insipired to plan now. bring the oreo's and your A game.

xo LC

Prippy Handbook said...

I love everything about this! Too fabulous.

Chic Coles said...

Not sure about ping pong but I love golden oreo's!!!!!!!!!!!!

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