Posted on: Friday, August 20, 2010

Today, what began as a routine trip to the mall quickly spun out of control. As I followed my sister around like a lost little puppy I was lured over to a counter by a modern day gypsy, who was cleverly disguised as a YSL employee. She somehow duped me into 190 dollars worth of products I don't know how to use, my cell phone number, and a goodbye hug. (She clearly had a past selling cutco knives door to door)
It began innocently enough... some colored mascara, maybe a lip gloss? Yet somehow it spiraled completely out of control and the next thing I know it's 3 hours later and I'm willing to give this woman my first born in exchange for her highlighting my cheek bones. As my YSL fairy godmother worked on my face, I began to realize that being completely makeup inept in my late 20's just isn't quite as endearing as it was when I was seventeen. Therefore, I purchased it ALL and will spend the better part of the fall season honing my craft as I attempt to execute a beauty regime that includes more than applying chapstick. So my story ends better than most getting gypsied. I did not lose my passport, or find that my euro rail pass had been stolen. Nevertheless, consider yourself warned.


LindsB said...

haha, this is hysterical! I have totally been there and know how you feel. Hopefully your new products are just as lovely as the gypsy made them out to be :)

Anonymous said...

You gotta learn to say NO and go with your natural beauty! - Abby

deliciously organized said...

YSL lipgloss ROCKS. You will be happy with all your items. They will last forever and their colors are rich. Love them!

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