Picture Walls

Posted on: Friday, August 27, 2010

The perfect picture wall continues to elude me.
These two images are from an adorable home featured on style@home.com. I would love to have a picture wall like this some day. Not a contrived one, but one rich with stories behind each piece of artwork chosen. I love that below the children's artwork is mixed in with other paintings, photos, and even posters. I guess I should simply begin my own collection? I hope to create the aesthetic displayed in these images.
You can find the full spread here


Clare Lennon said...

These are great! I've never been a fan of the "put all the kids' school photos by the stairs" move, but this makes that design very chic and creative!

Fran said...

Fabulous! That first one is great (and it is styled perfectly with the yellow dress!)

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