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Posted on: Monday, March 8, 2010

I had a lot of fun over the weekend working on a silhouette project. I've seen them everywhere in home decor lately. I have a soft spot for silhouettes because they are the emblem for the school that I teach at. I love how they remind me of my students. So I set out to make my own. I wanted to use color to modernize the traditional black and white look. I bought two canvases and painted them a deep purple. Then I traced my silhouettes onto light blue crafting paper. I cut each out using an exato knife. My last step was to apply multi-purpose spray adhesive to the paper. I laid it over the canvas and allowed it to dry.

The finished product!
I'm not sure where I will hang them or whether or not I will frame them? Perhaps I should try to work them into a picture wall? This one may have too much color going on? Hmm.

I loved this project. So quick, and fun!

Below: Silhouette Inspiration
queen with chevrons- annechovie

via country living

Anna Kohler's home office via la dolce vita

Check out her amazing DIY project here!
via HGTV


Chic Coles said...

I have been seeing these everywhere! I should try it...I think that would be a fun gift for my mom and dad from their three girls!

blank said...

What a cute idea! I especially love the image from Country Living, gorgeous!

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