Headboard DIY

Posted on: Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I ended up changing my mind on the Target headboard I posted on. It's just not working, and now I'm completely inspired by my friend J.A.'s DIY headboards! J.A. was kind enough to share the below images.

In the guestroom J.A. used a large paint canvas as the headboard. She simply chose a fabric that she liked, stretched it over the canvas and stapled it in place. Seriously? How did I not think of this? I love the height that the canvas headboard provides. This is a cost effective project with major impact! I think I will be copying this in the near future.

Below, J.A. and her husband used four matching shutters as the headboard in their master bedroom. They stripped the shutters and painted them a crisp bright blue. Again, I love the dramatic effect that the height of the headboard has on the space!

I hope these spaces inspire you. When J.A. sent them to me my head started spinning!
Thanks so much for sharing with us!


Lacquered Life said...

I had ordered a target headboard once, I too ended up returning it in favor of getting one made!

Chic Coles said...

Interesting target story. Great new images.

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