Posted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One of each please!

1. I found this flamingo wallpaper and immediately wanted to purchase it for my bathroom. It would also be lovely in a foyer, or even a nursery.
2. I love the shape of this mirror and finally found it at a reasonable price. It reminds me of the one over the mantle of Ali Cayne's living room (featured in Domino). 
3. Sale alert! These gems are on major sale- at only $16 they can elevate any outfit.
4. This campaign style tray table is the perfect color! I'd use it as a little bar cart.
5. I have always loved this photograph of Mrs. Patricia McCormick of Los Angeles, CA captured by Philip Gendreau of the Olympic High Dive. I'm really close to pulling the trigger on this one.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I've been listening to Coconut Records ad nauseum- particularly "any fun" and "west coast".



Katy Byrne said...

Love the earrings!

Lily L-M said...

SO love that campaign side table!! I love anything campaign-style.

x Lily

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