Naomi Davis for Sonnet James

Posted on: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have you seen the spring lookbook for Sonnet James featuring Naomi Davis from Rockstar Diaries? What a flawless choice for brand representation. Naomi embodies the spirit of the company with her  playful hands-on approach to motherhood. The lookbook captures her in her own element, at home and in the streets of NYC with her little ones Samson and Eleanor. 
As a mother of two boys, Whitney created a line of clothing that allowed her to take part in her children's active adventurous lifestyle. I loved watching the video of Whitney's dress collection coming to life. Check it out here. Although I'm not a mom the spirit of these dresses completely resonates with me as a teacher. My two favorite silhouettes for spring are the Marni and the Reese. I think I need both!
What are your thoughts? I wanted to share the line because I think any girl with an active lifestyle can benefit from the wearability. It's not just moms who can appreciate care instructions that read:
"Get Really Dirty. Rinse & Repeat."



Leslie said...

She's gorgeous and the dresses are absolutely lovely! I agree that everyone can appreciate these dresses!

Sonnet James said...

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing my dresses! xo

StaciaFaith said...

Love these! I'm not a mama but I work with preschool students. Wash and wear is so fantastic! So so love! (Also...LOVE your blog and adore

Lindsey said...

these dresses are beautiful and comfortable. I have two of them and I wear at least one a week! I'm a mom, but anyone would love the comfort and durability in my opinion.

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