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Posted on: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I've been thinking a lot about home décor lately and have been drawn to the idea of a soft beachy-boho vibe (I made that term up...clearly).  Above are my picks to create the look I'm recently craving.
1. This chair is so "me". Do you ever just look at a piece and think that someone created it just for you (or are you not the narcissist I'm proving myself to be.... I digress). The chair is slipcovered, swivels, and looks so comfy! This is the type of piece I think I would be comfortable investing in.
2. I'm in the process of updating my living room lamps.  I'm planning on staying in the blue family and am transitioning from two that match to a more eclectic look.  This lamp may just have to be my next purchase. What are your thoughts on lamps? Should they match or look like they were collected over time? I'm thinking if I do matching of anything in the near future it will be sconces.
3. This little print has been circling the blog world and it's really quite appealing.  What girl can't relate to some stripes and a top knot? For me, the soft color palette and messy bun evoke a carefree and peaceful feeling.
4. What to say about this lumbar pillow... how about "posture is important and back support is a must" so there's really no way around the fact that I literally need it.
5. OK this rug is a home run in my book BUT only if it's small. I'm picturing in an entryway, hallway, or some other small space. I've made the mistake of committing to a bold rug and learned my lesson: it's not for me. The next rug I purchased for my living room was a nice little Ralph Lauren sisal rug.
6. Here comes the beachy vibe wit this Marsielle rope knot door stopper. Love.
7. The duvet cover is an absolute show stopper.  I'm truly obsessed; although, there's part of me that wishes it were a summer weight quilt.  I like crisp white bedding with a colorful quilt folded at the bottom.
Anything you're loving lately in home décor? I'm thinking a lot about wall color these days too. Pouring over this book has been so helpful!


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