Posted on: Monday, January 7, 2013

I don't often post on beauty products... If you've read this blog for a while you may recall the time I "got gypsied" at the YSL counter (you can read about it here).  Nevertheless, I think a post on the red lip is something I can handle.  
The little circle image is exactly how I feel when I'm trying to do my lips.  It's like I'm suddenly 3 again desperately trying to stay within the lines so I don't ruin the entire picture.  Ultimately, the struggle is totally worth it because a strong red lip instantly adds a dash of sophistication and polish to any look.  
I'm not really into lipstick, but prefer lip stains. Revlon has a good thing going in this department- great hue's and affordable pricing.  
Revlong Just Bitten is a lip stain on one end with a soothing balm on the other.  I started wearing these a few years ago and really like them although I need to reapply when I'm out for the evening. 
Recently, my friend turned me onto Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor (that's a mouthful).  I purchased it in the color "stay currant" and LOVE it.  It's like a lip gloss on one end and the other end is a clear moisturizing top coat.  Full disclosure I put it on Friday evening, proudly smiled, and had red all over my teeth (no accident this blog is called Chic Geek!).  So you really do need to let the color set and then apply the moisturizing liquid.  When applied correctly, it has serious staying power, doesn't rub off on anything, and last all night without a second application! You actually really need to work hard to get it OFF at the end of the evening. I'd suggest using an oil based makeup remover. 

So those are my two recommendations to get the red lip look this season.  Do you have any favorites? Leave any suggestions in the comments area- I love finding new products to use.


Worthington said...

It really is hard to apply red lipstick right - I always use a clear lip liner around the outside rim of my lips to prevent feathering, put on a clear Sugar lip balm, then apply one coat of red lipstick. Then I blot it with a tissue... then I peel the tissue so I have a thin 1-ply layer. I seal the color in with some transparent face powder. Then I apply a small amount of gloss and go! Pretty time-consuming but worth it.

Chic Geek said...

Loving this detailed tutorial! I will have to try! Thanks so much for sharing xx

Annie said...

HAHAHHA hilariousssss-- just went back and read your YSL gypsy post. Too good. Can so relate, as I think all of us bitties can. They are seriously masters in that... that.. what would you even call it?? Sucking in! They are like human-makeup counter vacuums!
Anyhow, back to the red lip-- although you apparently had a mixed experience with YSL, I must hand it to them on the glossy stains. Have you tried them out? One of the most unique lip formulations I have ever tried and we are talking about some SERIOUS staying power. Like you apply it in three coats, and seven hours later your lips are still looking fresh to death. I'm hesitant to direct you back towards the YSL counter, but.. if you should find yourself there again, do check it out.

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