Martha+AVERY at Staples.. Oh My!

Posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I've been on an organization kick as of late and this collaboration might just send me directly over the edge! I was in Staples yesterday and I saw Martha Stewart's latest line. A collaboration with AVERY that includes binders, dry-erase decals, journals, dividers, notepads, stickey notes... the list goes on and on.

I grabbed a few of the boxes and stocked them with my makeup. I went for white but they also come in a Tiffany's blue. So inexpensive too. I think my total was about ten bucks for organizational bliss ;)

Shop the collection here.



Leslie said...

I've seen this line online and I think that I must. get. to. a. Staples. ASAP. I'm absolutely in love. Your makeup looks great the way you organized it!

Chic Geek said...

Thanks leslie, it's a little embarrassing how excited I get over the smallest things!!

Post + Grant said...

You're makeup looks all the more beautiful in those cute little boxes! Heading over to check them out.

Ali Clark said...

I need you to come organize and chic up my house ASAP! Why can't I have been born with your creative brain?
Staples has been moved to the top of my to do list today!

Lamb said...

anything involving M.S. is amazing. love this collaboration, thanks for sharing!

xo lamb loves

Landi said...

I'm a total organizational FREAK & when I saw this a few days back I totally ran straight to Staples to take a peek!! I meant to write this after I got back with all my goodies but forgot -- never the less, thanks for filling us in, I'm now with a great little put together small binder for "To Do's", "To Buy", "Homework", "To Blog", and "Long Term Goals!" IT'S GREAT!! Happy Friday!
-Landi (

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