Posted on: Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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I never make resolutions but I seem to be steadily creeping towards something that suspiciously resembles them.
I've decided I need to treat myself a little more often.

This includes, but is not limited to:
*buying fresh flowers
(generally reserved for when I'm having guests over)
* reading for pleasure
(I love a novel with positively no scholarly merit)
*baking brownies
(its the only thing I know how to bake, and the smell of fresh brownies in the oven is heaven)
*leaving work at a reasonable hour
(I love my job, but consistently logging 10-12 hours a day + skipping the gym is soooo unbalanced)
*taking a legit vacation with friends
(get on that KG I have an adorable green kate spade passport holder that's dying to be used)
* partaking in more impromptu dance parties
(aforementioned dance parties may or may not be held solo in my living room)

What do you like to treat yourself to? Clearly I need some additional ideas.


Unknown said...

Great resolutions! Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

Love your list! I've been thinking about little luxuries that make me happy. One of those is definitely fresh flowers and reading. I also love painting my toes. For some reason, it just makes me feel better when I look down at my feet!

Lyndsy said...

this is too cute!!

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