A New Year

Posted on: Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holiday Season is officially over and its back to reality. I have so many things I want to do that I need to remind myself to take it one step at a time. One of the items on my long list is cleaning out my closet! It's definitely time for a cleanse and with recent wardrobe additions the pressure is certainly on. I always donate my clothing to Goodwill, especially my nicest pieces. Sometimes I also check with friends to see if they're interested. Do you do this? I've never looked into selling my clothes before, but I know that's a fun option too. Just in time for my new years purge I spotted this cute little wardrobe clean out guide over on Mimi & Meg (if you don't already follow this blog, check it out!).
You can download and print Mimi & Meg's guide here.
The hardest part for me is that I tend to be sentimental about clothing, even the silliest items. I STILL can't let go of my college lacrosse pinnies (not that anyone would want them-hah!).
My goal this weekend is to let go of a few coats. Specifically one that I purchased years ago for a trip to Florence. It's in perfect condition and as special as it is to me, it will most likely be just as special to someone else.
Any tips or suggestions for a successful closet cleanse?


Taylor Bartik said...

i need to do that, too! i heard that a good method is to turn every hanger around in your closet, and after a while, whatever is still turned around, toss!

send any pretty stuff my way ;)




Olivia Nold Korpi said...

‎#1) Edit the current season, don't bother with editing Summer, it's too hard to know what you are not wearing with out-of-season clothes.
#2) Edit ruthlessly, if you haven't worn it this season you probably wont. Make room for the new things you really want and will wear.
‎#3) If you have items you are unsure of, try to wear them the next day or at some point this week. If you can't work them into your daily wear get rid of it. If you do wear it and you get lots of complements or you love it, keep it!
‎#4) Send me all your excess and I will sell it for you at WH and Angela will send you a check for lots of $$$$ for your new MUST HAVES!

Unknown said...

My closet is in need of a major overhaul so this list is great! Makes me want to tackle my closet clean out this week. I have also consigned before, which is great, but be mindful of the season. Soon they will be looking for spring items and looking to purge their winter inventory.

Leslie said...

My husband and I moved to a smaller apartment with a smaller closet in August. I've been trying to get rid of stuff, but it's slow going. This list is super useful. I'm printing it and will be hanging it up!

Lindsay said...

love all the "resolutions" also love that list...i put it up on my blog and linked it back to you and mimi+meg...love your blog!

Glitterista said...

My closet has been on my to-do list forever. Maybe 2012 will be the year? Fingers crossed. ;)

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