Life Lately

Posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life lately, according to my instagram.
I will be running around tying up lots of loose ends for the next two days before I get a two week respite from the "real world".
I'm also DYING because my birthday is Saturday. My two best girlfriends have been super sneaky and have put a little weekend together to celebrate. I have absolutely NO CLUE what is going to happen. All I've been told is that I need a few dressy outfits and a few casual outfits for the trip. I'm so incredibly grateful to have amazing friends in my life who would go out of their way like this. I've never been "surprised" before so that adds to the excitement.


Unknown said...

I adore those lovely little silhouettes! I can't wait to hear what your birthday surprise is. Have an amazing time! xx

Chic Geek said...

Thanks Mackenzie!! I made them all by hand, so time consuiming but love them! Hope you're well! xx

bluehydrangea said... made those silhouettes?? did I miss a DIY post? If not please share, those are fabulous!! and happy early birthday! Mine is tomorrow so I will have a drink for you!

Chic Geek said...

Happy Birthday! Nope I didn't post on them but I've had some great feedback on FB and here so I think I should. Stay tuned!

Lacquered Life said...

I really am loving loving those shoes ... esp. laid out w/ the pearls. Have a fabulous wknd - what great girlfriends!

Glitterista said...

Happy happy early birthday! What wonderful friends, and perfect outfits you're thinking about. Hope you have a blast. :)

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