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Posted on: Wednesday, December 7, 2011

This gift guide could easily be confused with my birthday wish list...
{one} These little dalmation loafers would put some pep in my step
{two} These gloves allow you to effertlessly access your iphone with their special "touch" technology. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go.
{three} I haven't been drawn to Kate Spade bags lately but this little lady is a show stopper! Now the tough question... blue, or black??
{four} I love little decorative dishes (it's getting out of control). Someone needs to scoop this one up.
{five} This bracelet is such a contradiction. Bold yet delicate? It's a nescesssity.
{six} My love for CWD Textiles is getting creepy. I need these pillows on my bed but I can't settle on a colorway.
{seven} Ever sience I saw this bracelet in the flagship J.Crew bridal store in NYC TWO YEARS AGO I've wanted it. I finally ponied-up and now it's on back order. Proof I should be more impulsive? I think so.
{eight} My very favorite silhouette for a holiday dress.
{nine} Short buckle boots in the perfect color.
{ten} The perfect everyday pump that goes with EVERYTHING. I just purchased it and it's by Ivanka Trump. Shocked? Me too!
{eleven} For the girl who loves her monogram. I like the idea of the smallest version layed with other necklaces. Part of the statement, not THE statement.
{twelve} MZ Wallace kills it with this one. I love a little camo now and again.
Happy Shopping


Chic Coles said...

Wow! Love the gloves, bag and shoes.

The Peak of Tres Chic said...

WOW you have such great taste! I am loving the J Crew bracelet- yes, I agree, perfect sign you should be more impulsive LOL! And of course the monogram necklace is fantastic.



Leslie said...

I love your picks! That dress is really great. :)

Leigh said...

When things are past a certain price point, I normally wait it out too and hope for a sale. Bummer about the back-order though! Absolutely love the Ivanka Trump shoes. So classic.

Glitterista said...

I have that J.Crew bracelet and it's divine. Reminds me to dig it out to wear soon. ;)

Love the zebra plate, the pillows, and all Ivanka shoes. My fave work shoes are by her and they're crazy comfy.

Unknown said...

Now that, is a FABULOUS gift guide :) x S

Unknown said...

LOVE that dress! so pretty :)

Emily said...

LOVE everything in this collage, especially the J Crew bracelet! I want it sooo bad, but my wallet would not be happy with me!

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