Winter Warmth in Style

Posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cold weather is on it's way and there's nothing better than a heavy duty blanket to help you stay warm. Here are my picks for serious warmth and traditional style. Above, (A), the Hudson Bay Company millennium point blanket has the perfect neutral color scheme. It would work perfectly with my living room rug. I love how it was used as a headboard above (although I don't think I could stand it in the summertime).
Below, B and C are Pendelton National Park blankets made from 100% pure virgin wool.
{A} {B} {C}
My current throw blanket is cashmere, but I love the idea of wool's durability. I'm also completely smitten with the stripes. Do you have any wool blankets for winter?


Hanna said...

I grew up with Pendelton blankets (pictured in C). It was the blanket that I brought to camp in VT in the summertime too. I recently saw a cozy arm chair re-covered in one. Wait did I see it on YOUR blog?! Probably ;)

Ashley said...

Love the Hudson Bay blanket!! I agree though, not sure I can handle the headboard when warm weather arrived!

Leslie said...

We don't have wool blankets, but we do have a few fleece ones that I just love to cuddle with. :)

Hanna said...

Hudson Bay! That's what I meant...the Pendelton featured snatched their signature stripes :)

Chic Geek said...

Hanna, why am I not suprised that you beat me to the punch on this one by about twenty years?! Always so cool ;)

Tania said...

Hi, your blog is really great, lots of really cool info and love the pictures. Great thankd

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