Color Bug by Kevin Murphy

Posted on: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

images via Kevin Murphy
Have you been bitten by the bug? Colorful locks have been all over the runway but the commitment to permanent color can be a little more than your average girl is ready, or willing to take on. Stylist, Kevin Murphy has created the perfect product for temporarily dressing your locks. Color Bug wipes on high def color and washes out immediately! And, there's no messy liquid, it's actually made of pressed powders. You need to first apply hair product (like hair spray or a texturizer. The thicker the product the brighter the color), then rub Color Bug in the desired area. Take a look at Kevin's podcast to learn a few styling tricks.
I checked Amazon and it is entirely sold out of the product. If you're interested, I would inquire at your local salon. Pricing is about $20.00 and it is available in pink, purple, and orange (if you can get your hands on it).
Would you use this product? I totally would. And, am I alone on this one or do colored tresses make you want to rock leather pants also? one? ...Bueller??


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