The Weekend+New Fall Nail Color

Posted on: Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to my best friend "K". The weekend was filled with a flurry of activities to celebrate! Just a few pics from our favorite vineyard saturday afternoon.
I discovered a new fall favorite during our morning spa appointment for mani/pedi's. OPI's "Skull and Glossbones". With Halloween right around the corner I couldn't pass up the fun name! It's a soft grey that has a hint of sage.
What's your favorite nail color for fall? I need to expand my repertoire ;)

Happy Birthday "K"! What a fun weekend!


Leslie said...

That nailpolish sounds perfect. What a great weekend. Wineries are such fun!

MK said...

What a perfectly wonderful weekend!! Next up? Napa!

Nikki said...

Are you living in the Baltimore area? I'm a local blogger and Boordy Vineyards is one of my favourite go-to places! It's great to see someone else represent! Fabulous photos!

Chic Geek said...

Hi Nikki, I am! Love Boordy ;)

Nikki said...

Fabulous!I just stumbled upon your blog and it's great to see another fashionista in the area. Absolutely loving the blog (and all the amazing DIY's and J Crew goodies). Take care and perhaps I'll see ya around town!

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