Neon: Love it or Leave it?

Posted on: Friday, March 25, 2011

Neon is absolutely huge this season. These bold colors are found everywhere from nail polish to silk dresses. So tell me, do you love it or are you having horrible 80's flashbacks?
I would absolutely rock a neon purse but you won't catch me spending thousands on a trend. I was thrilled when I stumbled across the lime green JJ Winters chain strap purse over on The Pursuit of Style. It encompasses the high fashion look without breaking the bank. It retails for $85.00 and has just soared to the top of my lust list!
As I was writing this post I started to really think about whether I could pull off a neon color? I did a little research and found one-stop shopping at ZARA. All of the looks below can be found there... I feel a shopping spree coming on ;)


Chic Coles said...

We think a splash of it is great.Have a great weekend.

Leslie said...

I love neon and bright colors! I think that they are perfect for spring and summer. :) Great post!

Lacquered Life said...

Love it. Love Neon. Esp orange and green. Check out Kate Spade too ... there are some drool-worthy pieces for spring/summer!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, 80's comes to my mind. I had a neon pink knitted sweater! I did it myself, ouch. I'm very done with the 80's. Thank you :)

kristin {ten scenic drive} said...

LOVE IT! Such a great spring/summer color! It is especially my favorite for accessories.

Unknown said...

LOVE it.

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