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Posted on: Friday, November 19, 2010

This week I was a little creeptastic with my purchases...
Above is my "O" on her honeymoon! I absolutely died when I saw her coat thinking it was some amazing European vintage find. Of course she gave me the scoop and revealed that it was actually from T.J.Maxx! Clearly, I skipped the gym that day and headed straight out to find the coveted item. I was so excited not only to find it, but also to see that it was only $29.99! "O" and I live so far away that I decided I wouldn't be cramping her style buy pulling a complete copy cat.

Things got worse from there when later in the week I saw the above outfit online at Ann Taylor Loft. Again, I marched right over to the nearest store to get the striped merino wool blazer and the silk halter cami!
I have been ridiculously self-indulgent and now have a renewed commitment to get into the spirit of GIVING ;)


Buckhead Belle said...

Umm, I too am going to running out to the nearest TJ Maxx to scope out that coat... so cute!

PS: That stripe blazer is currently on my list as well! Love it!

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