Medallion DIY Throw Pillows

Posted on: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My fabric came in over the weekend so I was able to finish my throw pillows! I followed the same steps that I posted on previously.
The front square measures 19"x 19" to fit the 18"x 18" pillow inserts.
We had to be careful with our cutting and be sure to center the medallion.
The first piece for the envelope (solid blue fabric) measures 19" x 10" before the hem was added. Don't forget to hem the exposed edge!
In the above picture I half hazardly laid the piece down. The edge with the hem should be in the middle of the pillow not at the bottom as pictured.
Here the second side of the envelope has been laid down. It measures 19"x 14"(before the hem was added)
Using a pencil we are adding the 1/2" marks on each side so that 19"x 19" fabric becomes 18"x 18" and will fit the pillow insert. After our pencil marks we pinned all of the fabric together, then sewed!
All finished and the envelope worked out perfectly!
Above and below: The final look!
For more information on the fabric refer to this previous post.
Time to celebrate with our favorite beverage from ACK
Cheers to AEB!
I'm so lucky to have her to help me with all of my little projects! Again, It could not have been done without her!


bluehydrangea said...

Love your pillows!! I have been carrying around a sample of this fabric for weeks...I need to buy a couple of yards before it is all gone!

Danielle Sands said...

Looks ah-mazing!

Chic Coles said...

These look so good! I would love to try them for a DIY project!

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous doll!!

Lindsay said...

Obsessed with your pillows!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I love them!!

Anonymous said...

If only I could do something like this! You make it look so easy. FABULOUS! -afe

Emily C said...

beautiful! love them

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