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Posted on: Monday, February 1, 2010

I loved recovering my dining room chairs. It was a quick project with major impact. You hardly need any real "skills" to recover chairs which is nice.

I found these two chairs while antiquing in CT over Christmas. I was absolutely thrilled. I knew they would work with my antique drop leaf table which was a gift from my mother when I first moved to Baltimore. Only problem was the hideous green vinyl looking covers on the chair. Not to worry, I had a plan...

I found these two pillow cases in an awesome ikat print.
The first thing I did was remove the seat cushion using a screw driver.

Next, I used a staple gun to secure the fabric to the seat cushion. I recovered directly over the existing seat cover with the new fabric which made the process very simple.

I repeated the steps with the second chair and voila! The finished product.
I love the juxtaposition of the traditional harp backs on the chairs with the fun ikat seat covers.

The addition of the chairs really defines the area. It feels like there is a whole new space in my little apartment! So happy with the end result.


Lacquered Life said...

Wow! They look great! Good for you, don't you just love when such a little thing makes such a big difference? You didn't happen to find them in Stamford did you?

Chic Geek said...

Thanks! No, I actually found them in West Hartford. Although there are some great places down that way too :)

Chic Coles said...

These look awesome! I love the Ikat and how the blue matches the blue on the walls. I never thought it would be easy to recover chairs...at least you made it look easy!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous doll! I have a table I want to refinish/paint, let's have a project date!

deliciously organized said...

They look really good! I love that little space. Is that a blue and white striped wall btw? How cool is that!

Anonymous said...

FYI about the chairs: They're lyre chairs, typically used in the formal dining rooms of Alpha Chi Omega sorority houses (one of our symbols is our cherished lyre). I think by default they come upholstered in atrocious/easy to clean fabrics that were just groovy in the 70's. It's so cool that you found them!

I was so excited to see these on Made by Girl this morning, I just had to blog about it (and I'm still not done reading through every post on your blog, I'm obsessed!)

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