Hunters or Bunters?

Posted on: Friday, January 8, 2010

Everyone knows about Hunter boots. They have cornered the market when it comes to cute rain and snow boots. The iconic green Hunter boots are shown above. Until recently I just could not get on the Hunter boot bandwagon. Then, my little sister L.C. (arbiter of all things cool) introduced me to Bunters. (Baby Hunter boots-our made up name). We both are only 5'4" and the regular Hunter boots were just too overwhelming for our small frames.

As you can see, the Bunters are much shorter and super cute! I finally got my baby Bunters for Christmas. I was soo excited, and have been romping around in them since Santa dropped them off. It is so nice having an alternative to the original Hunter boot.
L.C. and C.C's Baby Bunter Boots

Shop Hunter boots here.


Jessica Thor-Miller said...

I love Hunter boots although they aren't the best snow boots. I've found that La Canadienne makes the best all weather, leather boots. They have survived several awful winters without a slip, leak or frozen toe.

Chic Geek said...

I totally agree. Hunters are best for light rain and horse races! I'll have to check out La Canadienne!

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