Classic Decor

Posted on: Friday, September 16, 2016

As I invest in new pieces and decorate our little apartment I'm continually drawn to what I consider to be classic pieces. We won't be in this space forever and I want everything to translate into whatever our new space will be. I also want pieces to really stand the test of time and not be something that I tire of easily. I thought I would round up a few of my favorites for a post.

Beautiful glass bowls- We received a stunning assortment as wedding gifts and I just love placing fruit in them and having them as decorative pieces. Really anything by Simon Pearce falls under this "classic" category for me.

Skirted tables are something that I LOVE but presently don't have room for. In my dreams I would place one in a foyer stacked with books and a huge vase with flowers. The one above is perfect because it's neutral but not plain. The pattern gives it interest but isn't something I would tire of easily.

Seasonal pillows: I'm not a fan of "theme based decor" but I do like the idea of switching out a few accessories as the weather changes. It's a quick and inexpensive way to switch things up. The texture of the knitted pillow above feels autumnal and is only $17.99

Trays are a definite yes for me in almost every space. This hammered polished brass tray is traditional yet versatile. I would use it on a bar cart to corral bottles, place it on a coffee table, or even use it in a guest room as a nice welcoming element filled with sleepover essentials.

Gingham- yes it's having a major moment but it's still a classic look for me.  

Blue and white: Just yes to all of it. Currently have my eye on this garden stool.

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