Summer to do list:

Posted on: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Find a local farmers market
Book a quaint weekend retreat
Plan a little cocktail party and use these sweet invitations.
Save blueberry cartons to pack s'mores for a camp fire (preferably on the beach)
Go surfing, or at least paddle boarding.

Aren't summer to do lists so much more appealing than most?



Leslie said...

Those peonies are gorgeous. I think I need a summer bucket list.

Lily L-M said...

Yes, they are! Mine is full of similarly lovely outings!

x Lily

Дарья Пленкина said...

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Monika Jones said...

Great summer to do list! Love the party invitations - so summery and cute!

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Katy Byrne said...

How cute are all these shots?! I'll take the hydrangeas.

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