Posted on: Saturday, January 4, 2014

Recent thoughts...

1. I'd like to continue to upgrade items in my kitchen and am thinking gold flatware like these might be my next purchase.
2. I just purchased this otami quilt from Mexico and am dy-ing for it to arrive. I'm hoping to use it as a pop of color on my bed.
3. I still need curtains for my living room but have yet to find a pair that I like. To celebrate my move I had two slipper chairs and a pair of stools reupholstered over the summer.  I'm trying to spend wisely and not invest too much in things that won't easily transfer to a "forever home". Custom window treatments certainly fall into that category (been drooling over this fabric). I just found the above fabric with a moderate price tag (feels very Sister Parish, no?) and am now reconsidering the idea of having curtains made.
4. I love this image and the moment I saw it I thought about how I've fallen so behind in discovering and enjoying new music. A friend played this cover of No Diggity by Chet Faker for me over vacation.  I love it and need to get back in the loop.
5. VACATION. I don't really make resolutions but this year I really want to take a legit vacation.

Happy New Year all!


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