Nothing Ruins Your Friday Like...

Posted on: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Realizing it's only Tuesday.

My friend sent me a version of that quote the other week and it was probably the best morning text I've ever woken to. Starting the day with fits of laughter was such a treat.  
I actually hit the ground running yesterday and got a ton done! Don't you love that feeling? I find I'm more productive when I hand write a list then physically check off or cross out items (yesterday I checked off and did a strike through with red marker... easy tiger).  I'm always sure to toss in some "freebies" to pad my list a bit.  Sometimes tackling a few "easy" things can get you warmed up and ready for those pesky challenges that lie ahead.

How do you ensure a productive day at work? I'd love to know your strategies!


Shira said...

ha ha perfect quote!!! Love that dress!

Mrs. DeLorbe said...

I LOVE lists! My fave app is paperless. Sometimes I will add a few things on my list that I've already accomplished, just so I can check them off!

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