Shoot it to me straight...

Posted on: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I feel like my design aesthetic has been all over the map lately.... and then this happened.
I saw these curtains and DIED.
Am I having some sort of weird  80's Laura Ashley whiplash or are these curtains absolutely incredible!? Have I lost touch with reality? I see a jute rug, my crisp white couches, and suddenly invision my living room feeling so fresh and beachy.
Even worse... dare I admit that I like them best in PINK? I thought I had moved away from the uber girly "preppy" decor scheme and now I've been sucked right back down the rabbit hole. Do you agree?Are these phenomenal, or do I need a harsh reality check that this fabric is only acceptable for ladies over 80 and girls under 12.
Shoot it to me straight... I can take it.
Maybe a trip to Nantucket would cure me... just sayin'.


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