Posted on: Thursday, August 30, 2012

I've been a fan of Emerson for a long time now. Starting back in the day when she was "Emersonmade" offering handmade pin blooms.  As she's expanded I've followed along and have continually been drawn to her design aesthetic.  Currently her spring end of season sale is on (check it out) and her fall preview can be found on her tumblr.  
Once again... I'm pickin' up what she's puttin' down.
Leather leggings a bulky sweater and kicks with contrasting laces- yup.
The classic trench artfully paired with a neon contrasting stripe trouser? Just stop it right now.
Behold: My dream coat. 
I must own this. If it's upwards of a grand I'm officially in a fight with EmersonSo eager to know the price point! My guess is twelve hundred- I really hope I'm wrong! 
Right: Oh, hey pretty little purple pumps. What's it like to be perfect in ever single way?
As a child of the 80's I know a good collar when I see one. My mother always had her collars perpetually popped (still does) so an over sized collar on a military inspired coat is right in my wheelhouse (you like that baseball reference leading right into the next picture with the oh-so-current baseball cap trend? You'll never catch me in it though- goes against every athletic fiber in my being). 

Speaking of the 80's I'll take that throw-back blazer and pair it with white jeans any day- especially after labor day (firm believer in that one)

So there you have it- a little fall post while I'm off chasing the end of summer!
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I'm off to Nantucket!


Annie said...

Oh man, I forget that she's NOT still Emersonmade. GAh, damn her and her success!! She's just too good!! Everything she touches turns to chic!!

Olivia Nold Korpi said...

So first of all, if I don't get the military coat from the freezing cold New England storm fairy I'm planning on pouting! I love that in every way. Also, why are those purple snake sandals so perfect. She just has a way with everything doesn't she?!?! Oh Emerson! Thanks for the sneak peek CC! Love the writing on this one! :)

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pieces!

WorthyStyle said...

I adore that contrast-stripe trouser. So elegant and tailored beautifully!

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