Beach Bum?

Posted on: Thursday, June 9, 2011

At first glance it looks like I'm displaying a gorgeous new fabric line. Nope! The above swatches are actually prints for oversized beach towels that run you about $20.00! I just received one as a gift and was thrilled! The line is called plenty by tracy reese and I am OBSESSED! If I had a pool I would be buying extra towels to make pillows that would serve as vibrant pool decor.

The tracy reese towels have just replaced my "need" for the new Roberta Roller Rabbit towels which will set you back $100.oo. I'd much rather own a few of these lovelies!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe they are towels! Love the pillow idea! - Abby

Anonymous said...

Hi Chic Geek...I have just started following a few blogs and I love how yours is never quite the same. Your mix of DIY, fashion, home decor (and everything else you blog about) is so great! Keep it up!:) - Jody

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