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Posted on: Thursday, April 14, 2011

Inspired by yesterday's post I snapped a pic of what I'm wearing today. I love mixing high and low price ranges and actually tend to go for things that don't "match". Today I'm wearing black and blue. My Michael Kors tortoise shell watch was a splurge. However, paired with a three dollar ring and a necklace from Forever21, I certainly didn't break the bank. I'm wearing comfy two-toned flats from this post, and a lightweight scarf. I'm a sucker for scarves. I have two huge bins stacked full at home.

How do you dress for work? Do you play it safe, or let a little of your own style shine?


Unknown said...

I love seeing how other people style their clothes, especially for work where dress codes, industry and culture dictate a lot. I love Lucy's site, she is genius. You should also check out: http://www.saucyglossie.com/ and http://ascotfriday.typepad.com/ascot_friday/ Those are two of my favorite fashion bloggers.

Perhaps you can start a weekly "fashion" post.


Rebecca said...

Love your scarf+necklace combo! I definitely try to let my style shine while remaining within the bounds of business casual :D Sometimes that means going through 10 outfits in the morning before finding one I'm happy with... ;) love your blog!!


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

i am loving this look!!

Glitterista said...

I wear scarves pretty much every day. They add so much to a look (and help cover up any lower cut shirts/dresses). Love the look and seeing what you wore! :)

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