My Five Must Haves

Posted on: Friday, January 28, 2011

KAG of Monograms and Martinis just tagged me to share five things that I can't leave home without.

So here it goes:

1. My Cannon PowerShot. Yes, I am that girl! I'm constantly documenting everything.

2. YSL lip gloss! The obsession started that fateful day when I got "gypsied" into buying hundreds of dollars worth of YSL makeup. Refer to this previous post for the full recap. All ended well, and now I'm hooked.

3. My Nike Free Running Shoes. These little ladies are heaven! They are featherweight and I pack them everyday for my afternoon workouts.

4. My needs no explanation.

5. An eyelash curler. I know, it's odd, but I swear I can actually see better when my eyelashes are curled by this medieval torture device. I have been known to whip this out at inappropriate times.

I'm tagging the following ladies:

Fran of Green Street + Mackenzie of Design Darling + The Ladies of Chic Coles


Anonymous said...

im been dying for new nikes...those are delightful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Were you looking in my RM Morning After Bag? I, too, have carpal tunnel from bbming, pinging, tagging, posting and messaging! Not to mention that as soon as I don my Free's I think I am staring in my own Nike ad...I'll have to check out the YSL asap! Thanks for the tip! ~MK

KAG said...

love it! xoxo KAG

ashley cooper said...

I still need to try YSL's lip gloss! I'm sure its wonderful, it's made by Yves Saint Laurent. Have a great weekend dear! xoxo

Glitterista said...

Great picks! I haven't tried YSL gloss. . . maybe a weekend trip to the mall is in order? ;)

Lindsay // Vineyard Loveknots said...

"I have been known to whip this out at inappropriate times." -- haha
love your blog!

Bits said...

I <3 the Nike Frees. I just got a pair!!

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