Lonny Love!

Posted on: Thursday, June 10, 2010

Check out the new Lonny here!
Obsessed with the spread on Lonny editorial assistant Ellie Somerville's home. Love the above pendant lamp she used from IKEA.
Also drooling over this fabric, which is used to cover the doorway to her closet.
$77.90 per yard
via lonny
I just had to add this image too. There is a ton going on but I really appreciate all of the color (and I love blue). If it were me I would have done a little less zebra. Definitely not the ceiling. Regardless, I love the bold design.


Anonymous said...

GET that fabric for your front window! I love it! - AEB

B. said...

I Agree- I think her spread was by far the best (and dare I say even a little bit better than Michelle's in the last issue??).

deliciously organized said...

Lonny is delicious. Can't wait to dive into it this weekend for the second time!

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